Sunday, August 30, 2020

Smart Light Switch, 4 Pack - $37 after coupon


Save $12 with coupon on the Treatlife Smart Light Switch, 4 Pack, only $37 at Amazon after coupon.

With smart light switches you can make your life much easier!  Control your life with the sound of your voice and an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.  You can control and monitor your lights from an easy to use App on your phone.  Once of my favorite features is the ability to schedule when your lights come on and go off or enable vacation mode which will randomize when the lights go on and off.  This is especially great from a safety perspective too!  On top of all of can use the lights to spend-less on your electric bill!  Schedule all lights to go off in the morning or at bedtime and no more wasted electricity.

These are easy to install if you just follow the instructions.  (Note: Only good on a 2.4 G WiFi, not 5G)  Also, you need a neutral wire in order for these to safely work.  If you don't know if you have a neutral wire, you can quickly check for yourself or check out a YouTube video.  Worst case scenario you could hire an electrician (which won't save you money), or just look into smart light bulbs.

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