Do You Have a Budget?

If you don't currently have a monthly budget, or you're curious if you are budgeting your money efficiently, then you're in the right place!  This is a little breakdown of what your budget should look like once all expenses are accounted for (don't forget anything)!  Also, give yourself a little flexibility and round up on your expenses and round down on your income.  It will feel like you have less money and help you potentially save more by spending-less.

    Also, you'll notice my note about the bottom items being optional.  Unfortunately, I personally consider those to be privileges and not requirements (including food).  If you need to save money then that is where you look to cut first.

    In my example you see that after all obligations there is $480 for the month for food and entertainment.  That is $16/day to feed your family and enjoy your life...kind of rough.  You could save less, but that is never a good idea!  Spending-Less should be the answer!  Can you maintain your own lawn?  Do you need home internet when you have internet on your cell phone?  Forgive me for even suggesting this, but do you need a cell phone?  Perhaps your work provides you one, could you live without your personal phone to save $960/year?

    I am trying to figure out how to make a budget calculator that you can use, but for now you are stuck with just my example.  Coming soon!


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